Rural Life: the ideal destination for teleworking in Spain

Spain has become the preferred choice for many families looking to enjoy a different year with their loved ones. What a rural Erasmus offers allows the little ones to get to know the world, make new friends and develop academically in new and enriching environments, and adults have the opportunity to work remotely in incredible environments with everything they need to make their stay unbeatable.

Thanks to Rural Life, teleworking is really easy because it is a cultural and linguistic immersion program in Spain that takes into account the needs of the whole family: schools, accommodations, tools and logistics for teleworking… everything!

Possibilities to enjoy the best immersion project in Spain

In Rural Life we have two programs that offer the maximum hospitality during the stay taking into account everything the family needs in a rural environment.

Discovery Program: this is a short program, a stay of several days to experience for a limited time the experience of enjoying a rural trip with the family, where young and old can get to know our Territory and see what life would be like for a season. We will have the opportunity to visit the schools, meet some teachers, get to know their future classmates, get to know the villages, the sports facilities, the stores, in short, the day-to-day life.  Learn more about the Discovery program by clicking here

Rural Life Program: it has the duration of a school year, approximately 10 months (although a shorter stay is feasible), and it is what we call a rural Erasmus in Spain. Our Rural Life project organizes all the necessary logistics for the whole family to have everything ready to arrive to any of the villages that make up the region of Tierra Bobal in the province of Valencia, so you will be teleworking just 50 minutes from Valencia city, with the best communications both by highway and high-speed train (we are only 50 minutes from Valencia and less than 2 hours from Madrid).

As it appears in SpanjeWorkation, assistance is provided to find a school for the children, to find a rented house to live in during the academic year, the best resources for teleworking (good WiFi connection above all) and guidance is provided during the stay for a quick integration, as well as all the information about the nearest medical services and primary care centers.

The best option to have everything you need in a rural Erasmus stay

Thanks to Rural Life Spain, Danish families, for example, who need a break from their routine and want to enjoy almost a year in some of the most charming rural spots in Spain can do so without interfering with their professional performance or the kids having to put their academic performance on hold.

Young and old can count on everything they need to enjoy an enriching experience, meet new people, enjoy the best experience in well-kept and charming rural areas, and with the guarantee of having behind them the support of a program that has been designed to leave nothing to chance.

The ultimate goal of Rural Life Spain is to make Danish families or families from other EU countries, who come to live in Spain for shorter or longer periods, fully integrated into the local community. That is what really makes the experience unique.

Taking care of oneself, of the family as a whole and living a different and unique experience with all the means at hand to not neglect what really matters is what makes Rural Life Spain the best program to organize a rural family Erasmus in Spain, as explained by the Copenhagen media SpanienInfo in its post dedicated to the concept of rural travel to Spain for Danish families. And it is thanks to all its organizational capacity that Rural Life Spain is the best option for teleworking in Spain, because it allows not to neglect everything the family needs.

Full integration in the local community, with the best teleworking tools

More sun, more life, more tranquility, more disconnection, but without neglecting the essential: the correct professional development of the parents and academic development of the children. This combination between leisure travel and simple organization to live an academic year in the best rural area of Spain is what highlights the campaign of Turespaña of Denmark, and it is just what Rural Life Spain offers.

Because the difference between organizing a year-long family getaway on your own and doing it through Rural Life Spain is enormous. Because the Rural Life Spain program has been designed precisely to provide all the necessary assistance to facilitate the integration of all family members by helping to find accommodation that meets the needs of the whole family, facilitating the allocation of a place in a public school where the quality of education is very high, providing the necessary resources to facilitate teleworking for parents and providing the necessary hospitality in these local communities, where the desire to help and create new bonds of friendship with the Danish families who choose their regions to enjoy a rural Erasmus is palpable.

Thanks to programs like Rural Life, organizing a whole family trip without leaving loose ends is easier than ever, and that is why it is the best option for teleworking from Spain, and for children to enjoy an academic year in another center, meet new people and make new friends, while parents can enjoy unbeatable teleworking conditions in some of the most charming rural areas in the interior of Valencia.

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