Our land



We are in a very well communicated territory, in the middle of the so-called “Tierra Bobal“. It is an area of idyllic scenery, surrounded by vineyards (mostly of the Bobal variety, hence its name). There are 2 Natural Parks in the territory (P.N Hoces del Cabriel and P.N Chera-Sot de Chera), and part of its extension is recognised as a Biosphere Reserve, as it includes the river Cabriel, one of the best preserved rivers in Europe.

It is a sparsely populated and non-industrialised territory, which makes it an area of the highest environmental quality, ideal for a healthy life. The quality of the environment, the air and its local food products are one of its greatest assets.

Its climate is Mediterranean, with cool winters, mild autumns and springs, a dry climate and always very sunny, with many hours of sunshine all year round.




An area without any kind of public insecurity. They are quiet areas where there is no vandalism, crime or urban gangs, which makes it a totally safe environment, something very important for coexistence and tranquillity, especially when we have young children.

Peace of mind

The villages of our region are villages with a quiet life, there is almost no traffic, they are rural agricultural areas without any industry, so you will enjoy being away from the daily noises. The urban centres are integrated in the rural environment, the children will be able to play games and do outdoor activities.

Good connection

Despite being rural areas, we have very good WiFi coverage and even fibre in many places. A great effor is being made in Spain to provide good connectivity to rural areas and in our region we can already enjoy it. Internet connectivity and mobile coverage without inconveniences.

All kind of services

Shops: In the villages we still have most of the basic commercial services: bakeries, chemist, food shops, butchers, hairdressers, bars. So you will have all the basic needs covered, we are a small region with large towns 15 minutes away and Valencia 1 hour away, so you will have all the other services you may need very close by, including a wide range of leisure activities.

Sports facilities: We are very well equipped with public sports facilities such as: paddle tennis courts, frontenis, football pitches, swimming pool, parks, etc.


From Rural Life we will inform you to have access to health services. The high quality of the Spanish health service is known worldwide.

  • Doctor/paediatrician in the villages we have daily primary care doctor’s surgeries and a 24h regional guard service. There is also a paediatric speciality.
  • Hospital. The region has the Requena Hospital. An important hospital centre with all services.
  • Public Health. Good quality services for water, food, waste, recycling, which ensure the health of the citizens.

Social life

Villages are places where human relations are established in a very simple and natural way. For this reason, the integration process is very simple. Both children and parents will be able to get to know the other families and inhabitants of the villages during the first days of their stay. Concepts such as neighbourliness, hospitality and help among the people of the community are deeply rooted in these regions. They are people with an open character and great hospitality.

In addition, in the Rural Life programme we want to create a community so that you can connect with other people with the same concerns and needs so that we can share experiences. All this is facilitated and supervised by the Hospitality programme associated with the project. The intention is to make social life, facilitate integration, enrich the experience and share it with people who may be looking for something similar.

Heritage and culture

Villages are the places where traditions, culture and the essence of the roots have survived the most, which is why they are a fantastic place to immerse yourself in other cultures without the distortion of today’s standard idioms.

Our villages have a great calendar of centenary festivals and traditions, many of them recognised as being of cultural interest, in them you can see how alive these places are, without a doubt it is something that will greatly enrich your stay. We have a great cultural legacy that is reflected in many of the buildings, the gastronomy and the culture linked to the vineyards, in which we have a millenary Iberian tradition.



Our vineyards

The vineyards are undoubtedly one of the strong points of our territory in terms of landscape. You can walk for miles and miles with magnificent views of our fields and you can take various tours of the wineries of Utiel-Requena, which have Designation of Origin. An extraordinary tradition and an extraordinary land to be a part of and to get to know in first person.

Parque Natural de las Hoces del Cabriel

One of the most important National Parks in the country. It has almost 31,500 hectares of protected territory where you can find all kinds of fauna and flora, enjoying nature without difficulty in an environment designed for it. It belongs to the Cabriel Valley Biosphere Reserve since 2019, and in this beautiful park you can find the best preserved riverside forests in the whole Community.

Parque Natural Chera-Sot de Chera

The Chera-Sot de Chera Geological Natural Park is home to the first geological park in the Valencian Community, and as well as having an extraordinary history, it has a very special characteristic, which is that geology is the main feature. In this area there have been enormous fractures that have caused the displacement of the earth’s crust, which allows us to observe a unique landscape.

Río Cabriel (Reserva de la Biosfera)

The river Cabriel is the main tributary of the river Júcar and has a length of more than 277 kilometres. Among the features that make this river a place worth visiting are its various gorges and crystal-clear waters, and it has given its name to the Cabriel Valley Biosphere Reserve, of which it forms part. All kinds of activities can be carried out on this river, in addition, of course, to enjoying its views.

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