Claudia’s experience in the Discovery program of Rural Life Spain

Claudia has had the opportunity to enjoy, thanks to our Discovery program, a 4-day stay in Spain, enjoying all the advantages that Rural Life Spain offers to guarantee an immersive and integrated experience in Spain to enjoy its people, its gastronomy, some of the best natural environments in Valencia such as Tierra Bobal, and giving her kids the opportunity to make new friends and discover a new way to enjoy school in a new environment.

Claudia’s adventure with Rural Life Spain

Claudia and her little ones, Max and Alma, 7 and 3 years old respectively, came from Germany to Spain to enjoy all the charms of the Valencian region of Tierra Bobal, in Utiel. It is a unique enclave, with beautiful views that provide the peace and harmony sought by those who want to enjoy a few days of disconnection and, at the same time, find all the services and amenities to, for example, keep in touch with family and friends and spend time with the family.

Claudia had the opportunity to visit with Max and Alma the Natural Park of Hoces del Río Cabriel, enjoy playing in the countryside and taste delicious picnics in the mountains. Being in contact with a unique natural environment is one of the many attractions offered by Rural Life Spain’s Discovery program, and Claudia and her little ones were able to enjoy all that Tierra Bobal had to offer. In addition, when they came it was the time of the almond blossom, leaving a wonderful and indelible picture in their retinas that made them connect even more with nature, as Claudia herself has expressed.

They also had the opportunity to enjoy a solidarity dinner, exchanging impressions with the local people and strengthening ties with the natives of the region, who were delighted to welcome Claudia and her children for four days.

The Discovery program is also designed to weave new and fraternal ties between people from different villages, and in Tierra Bobal, Claudia and her children had the opportunity to discover the most welcoming and open side of the inhabitants of the Utiel-Requena region. The experience for Max, Alma and Claudia was complemented withmoments of relaxation in vineyards and wineries, picnics and variousdinners .

What is included in Rural Life Spain’s Discovery program

Claudia’s stay from February 2 to 5 was organized from the beginning so that Claudia, Max and Alma could enjoy Tierra Bobal from the very first minute.

On the first day, after arrival and accommodation, they enjoyed a visit to the village, met the people and were able to learn more about what to expect from the Rural Life Program in informative meetings, which also served to weave the first links with the people of the region, after which they could enjoy their accommodation and leisure time with the family. The second day Claudia had the opportunity to visit the Natural Park of Hoces del Cabriel, discover the beautiful vineyards of the region and soak up all the culture of the villages that are part of the interior of Valencia. A day designed to be spent with the family and enjoy beautiful local activities.

On the third day, Rural Life’s Discovery program offers the possibility of a descent on the Cabriel River, although you can enjoy moments of relaxation and games with the family, or enjoy lunch or any other activity in the area. Also included is a visit to the Natural and Geological Park of Chera, as well as to the historic center of Requena, where Claudia had the opportunity to discover the charms of the typical wineries of the area.

The fourth day of the Discovery program allows for a visit to a public school to meet with teachers, learn about the facilities and the educational project. The Spanish educational system is of high quality, the ratio of students/teacher is very low which favors a good integration. It is a free public education system, which has all the services and important advantages.

The program also gives the possibility of other optional activities or to extend the visit in Spain by enjoying a trip to Madrid or Valencia. In our region we enjoy excellent communications, with a Madrid-Valencia highway, AVE high speed train station (it takes us to Valencia in 25 minutes and to Madrid in 1:15 hours).

What is clear is that Claudia, Max and Alma discovered the culture of Tierra Bobal and were amazed by its charms, its people and its incredible natural environment.

During the stay, special interest was put in visiting different rental houses where everything necessary for teleworking is available: wifi fiber connection, space and furniture to work. A house suitable for teleworking, together with a good public school, are the main issues to enjoy a school season in Spain. This is the main service offered by the rural life spain experience, a rural family Erasmus that takes into account all the needs of both school and work so that, in the future, if Claudia, Alma and Max are encouraged, they can enjoy a longer stay enjoying Spain with the possibility of working remotely in some of the most charming spots in the interior of Valencia.

In addition, the kids will be able to enjoy the incredible experience of making new friends in another country and integrating into a new educational center, an enriching and unique experience that they will be able to enjoy in the future thanks to Rural Life Spain. We will be happy to welcome them back with open arms!

If you want to live Claudia’s experience from a closer perspective, you can watch her video below:

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